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Sexier Book Covers!

I guiltily enjoy Jude Watson's young readers Star Wars books and I've always been a little diappointed that they don't bother with really good art for the covers. (At least not consistently. Some are better than others.) I found these two pictures of the Japanese versions of the covers for the first two books in the Last of the Jedi series on TF.N the other day and thought I should share with anyone who hasn't seen them!

LotJ #1: The Desperate Mission
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LotJ #2: Dark Warning
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I wish I had taken more Japanese so I had a decent excuse to buy them, other than how sexy Obi-Wan looks on the second one... ^_^; I also saved the hi-res versions, but Photobucket will automatically shrink them down, so if anyone wants them, drop me a comment with your email and I'd be happy to send them along.
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