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Update and Excuses

OK, so I lied, obviously. I'm a lazy h0r when it comes to getting anything done. I have been writing, though. I have 180 rough pages of a Star Wars story, which needs severe editing since it's loaded with too much wangst and takes too long in getting to the actual plot. Of course, I also have to type it first, as I prefer to write my rough drafts on paper--my ideas seem to flow more easily that way. Then I also have around 90 pages of an Island story, which is so AU that it might as well be rewritten into something that pretends to be original. It also has too much wangst dragging down the plot. Why do I enjoy writing whiny, anxious characters? Other than that, there's about 20 pages in a werewolf story that refuses to leave my brain but also refuses to be written. The Sam/Tom story hasn't gotten any furthur, though I did write out a vague plotline, but have become disturbed on how much it has started to reflect certain events in my own life. I also wrote (and typed!) a short, stupid parody featuring Star Wars and Stephen Colbert. I suck at humor, so I sent it to a friend to have it beta-ed, but she hasn't gotten back to me. Maybe I've traumatized her? o.O

So that's what I've done so far. I'm going to be honest and make no promises as to getting it typed, edited satisfactorily, and posted. Perhaps there will be an update once I get a full first draft and have the whole in mind as I edit the parts.

PERSONAL AD: Wanted: good beta-reader who has knowledge of proper grammar and punctuation, has a feel for stylistic elements (such as sentance variation, vivid descriptions, overuse of phrases or cliches, etc), and has a good eye for plot holes and OOC moments. Willing to do my best at beta-ing in return.

I doubt, though, that people meeting such qualifications would be lurking around this journal and/or willing to offer their services.

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