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The Island Recommendation

I've been wishing for a novelization of The Island for a while now, because it seems like it has enough underlying complexity that could really be brought out and explored better in a novel than in a movie. Alas, I don't believe one exists, but I found the next best thing: an early draft of the screenplay. Now, having read it, I want to write that really long speculative fic that's been kicking around in my head. I have a prolouge done, which I may fix up and type, then post later. :\ I'd also like to borrow a few people's characters for it, but I'm not sure just how to ask them except to post a random comment in one of their journals. Do people take this well? Are they flattered or do they feel like you'd be stealing? It's a little more complicated in my case, because I have a slightly different world than the one they use, which might require I change their characters somewhat. :\ Maybe I'll just figure out my own, considering I have no idea where the plot might go if it ever goes anywhere.

But back to my recommendation!

This draft is drastically different from the movie. It's set in a farther future, one where the car is obsolete and vehicles are like car/boat hybrids that hover like the train we see in the movie. Merrick is only the Community Director of a more advanced and larger institute where the clones are kept. His name is Bernard. XD and Dr. Henry Sanger is the guy who invented the cloning technique. Sponsors know the clones are alive, since they must be given some humanity as dictated by law, but think that they're like severly retarded people or something. Jordan's name is Ester Two-Alpha and she's pregnant. I don't know how they explain pregnancy to the clones, but they do know about sex. They're just not allowed to have it, which is where the proximity rules come in. Instead, there's some kind of "sense tank" or something where you download a pleasure partner and the gel in the tank triggers the nerves in your skin as if you'd really been touched. And this scene would have allowed for Naked!Ewan. :( Oh, well. But moving on, the clones get some kind of 6th sense, not their sponsors memories. And Starkweather tries to escape before his name is even called and then Lincoln sees him being dragged away with his guts hanging out. While on the run, they're being chased by 2 Bond recovery agents and then the security director from the Institute. They don't really know why they were at the Institute or what they are, since they never meet up with McCord. They meet up with Tom after Lincoln sees a picture of the "real" Starkweather on a billboard and puts 2 and 2 together. Tom Lincoln is not a sexy boat designer. :( He's a bastardly attourney and he gets killed by the Institute guy because he knows too much. Ester's (aka Jordan) sponsor is a widowed woman and all she has left of her late husband is the baby that Ester is carrying. The baby ends up dying because Ester is a wuss with a crappy immune system who gets a severe pneumonia. But don't worry, Lincoln later impregnates her. At one point, they end up on an Indian Reservation where Lincoln hears about spirits and then the Shaman is like: "WTF is that thing?? It has no spirit!" and Lincoln is sad, but gets some sex to cheer him up. So Ester's sponsor, Katherine, helps them out and tricks Dr. Sanger and Bernard (lol!) Merrick into thinking both Lincoln and Ester have died. Lincoln (posing as "Mr. Thomas") goes back with a tour group to the Institute and puts up video of Starkweather's capture on the etherscreens so that the clones can see what will happen to them, and then turns off all the fake scenery in the windows. It flashes forward to a year later with Lincoln recording a message to be used in case of government cover-up (much more realistic than the ending of the movie) and then he sails off into the horizon with Ester and Lincoln Junior (yes, that's what she named the baby. Even Lincoln thinks it's tacky. He's a clone with good taste).

Here's the link to the whole screenplay:,-The.html

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