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Now a short intermission for: Ewan Pic-Spam!

I thought I'd take a short break from the stories and post some Ewan pic-spam that I had up on my private journal. My best friend, her roommate and I decided to have a Ewan McGregor Movie Marathon on New Year's since we're all currrently boyfriendless and Ewan is the next-best thing. We watched The Island, Moulin Rouge!, Big Fish, and Young Adam (cause the porn is necessary). Some Ewan trends we noticed:

He cries holding dead bodies and makes death bed promises (Moulin Rouge and Star Wars):
Image hosted by
"Promise me you'll write our story"

Image hosted by
"Promise me you'll train the boy"

He's a penniless writer typing on his typewriter (Young Adam and Moulin Rouge):
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

He has sideburns that manage to look good on him (all 4 movies):
Image hosted by
Lincoln Six-Echo

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Edward Bloom (and Steve Buscemi, too)

Image hosted by
Joe (*coughTOMcough*)

He tells the truth from "a certain point of view" (Star Wars and Big Fish):
Image hosted by
"Lukey, Darth Vader betrayed and murdered your father."

Image hosted by
Umm...the entire movie.

He works with Steve Buscemi (The Island and Big Fish):

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Also, Joe, who unrepentantly has sex with just about every woman he meets (married or not), could be a young Tom Lincoln before he goes to America and becomes greatly sucessful (The Island and Young Adam):

Image hosted by
"Lots and lots of sex. :D"

Image hosted by
"Hello, random girl. Want to have sex behind those rocks over there? :D"

Pictures mostly from Best of Ewan McGregor (obviously) and The one of Joe on the typewriter I snagged from moowithme113's entry since it was the perfect shot (I hope you don't mind!).

Feel free to add more! :D

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