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Whispered Tales

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28th July 2006

11:25am: Sexier Book Covers!
I guiltily enjoy Jude Watson's young readers Star Wars books and I've always been a little diappointed that they don't bother with really good art for the covers. (At least not consistently. Some are better than others.) I found these two pictures of the Japanese versions of the covers for the first two books in the Last of the Jedi series on TF.N the other day and thought I should share with anyone who hasn't seen them!

Why can't the American covers be this sexy?Collapse )
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24th June 2006

2:20am: Update and Excuses
OK, so I lied, obviously. I'm a lazy h0r when it comes to getting anything done. I have been writing, though. I have 180 rough pages of a Star Wars story, which needs severe editing since it's loaded with too much wangst and takes too long in getting to the actual plot. Of course, I also have to type it first, as I prefer to write my rough drafts on paper--my ideas seem to flow more easily that way. Then I also have around 90 pages of an Island story, which is so AU that it might as well be rewritten into something that pretends to be original. It also has too much wangst dragging down the plot. Why do I enjoy writing whiny, anxious characters? Other than that, there's about 20 pages in a werewolf story that refuses to leave my brain but also refuses to be written. The Sam/Tom story hasn't gotten any furthur, though I did write out a vague plotline, but have become disturbed on how much it has started to reflect certain events in my own life. I also wrote (and typed!) a short, stupid parody featuring Star Wars and Stephen Colbert. I suck at humor, so I sent it to a friend to have it beta-ed, but she hasn't gotten back to me. Maybe I've traumatized her? o.O

So that's what I've done so far. I'm going to be honest and make no promises as to getting it typed, edited satisfactorily, and posted. Perhaps there will be an update once I get a full first draft and have the whole in mind as I edit the parts.

PERSONAL AD: Wanted: good beta-reader who has knowledge of proper grammar and punctuation, has a feel for stylistic elements (such as sentance variation, vivid descriptions, overuse of phrases or cliches, etc), and has a good eye for plot holes and OOC moments. Willing to do my best at beta-ing in return.

I doubt, though, that people meeting such qualifications would be lurking around this journal and/or willing to offer their services.

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21st March 2006

4:54pm: New Island DVD Cover
Since I was astounded at the DVD cover for The Island (How did they manage to make EWAN MCGREGOR unsexy? It's unnatural!), I decided to make my own. I will admit upfront that my art skills are few and lie mostly in being able to stare unblinking at a computer screen for many hours as I edit pixels individually. x_x For the design, I mostly followed the layout of the actual cover, 'cause I couldn't think of anything better. So many shots have a blue background in this movie that it needed to be blue NOT the strange yellow that the real cover is. >.> So, I bring you my attempt at a better cover (I'm a writer, be gentle!). Suggestions for improvement, especially for a better summary on the back, are welcome. If anyone could make me a good scan of the credits etc. at the bottom on the back, I'd appreciate it!

The Ugly Real DVD Cover

A New Cover for The IslandCollapse )

EDIT:All the parts individuallyCollapse )
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8th January 2006

8:45pm: The Island Recommendation
I've been wishing for a novelization of The Island for a while now, because it seems like it has enough underlying complexity that could really be brought out and explored better in a novel than in a movie. Alas, I don't believe one exists, but I found the next best thing: an early draft of the screenplay. Now, having read it, I want to write that really long speculative fic that's been kicking around in my head. I have a prolouge done, which I may fix up and type, then post later. :\ I'd also like to borrow a few people's characters for it, but I'm not sure just how to ask them except to post a random comment in one of their journals. Do people take this well? Are they flattered or do they feel like you'd be stealing? It's a little more complicated in my case, because I have a slightly different world than the one they use, which might require I change their characters somewhat. :\ Maybe I'll just figure out my own, considering I have no idea where the plot might go if it ever goes anywhere.

But back to my recommendation!

This draft of the screenplay is drastically different from the movie. A not-so-short synopsis.Collapse )

Here's the link to the whole screenplay: http://www.imsdb.com/scripts/Island,-The.html

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5th January 2006

2:20am: Now a short intermission for: Ewan Pic-Spam!
I thought I'd take a short break from the stories and post some Ewan pic-spam that I had up on my private journal. My best friend, her roommate and I decided to have a Ewan McGregor Movie Marathon on New Year's since we're all currrently boyfriendless and Ewan is the next-best thing. We watched The Island, Moulin Rouge!, Big Fish, and Young Adam (cause the porn is necessary). Some Ewan trends we noticed:

Possible long download time, but Ewan is definitely worth it.Collapse )

Pictures mostly from Best of Ewan McGregor (obviously) and EwanMcgregor.net. The one of Joe on the typewriter I snagged from moowithme113's entry since it was the perfect shot (I hope you don't mind!).

Feel free to add more! :D

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