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New Island DVD Cover

Since I was astounded at the DVD cover for The Island (How did they manage to make EWAN MCGREGOR unsexy? It's unnatural!), I decided to make my own. I will admit upfront that my art skills are few and lie mostly in being able to stare unblinking at a computer screen for many hours as I edit pixels individually. x_x For the design, I mostly followed the layout of the actual cover, 'cause I couldn't think of anything better. So many shots have a blue background in this movie that it needed to be blue NOT the strange yellow that the real cover is. >.> So, I bring you my attempt at a better cover (I'm a writer, be gentle!). Suggestions for improvement, especially for a better summary on the back, are welcome. If anyone could make me a good scan of the credits etc. at the bottom on the back, I'd appreciate it!

The Ugly Real DVD Cover

And a variation:

Sorry, I couldn't resist the fake quote. XD


OK, so Photobucket is being an ass and shrank my picture down liek whoa, so here are all the parts individually. I also had to compress them into crappy jpegs. The parts are a tad too big to print out, so if anyone wants the whole thing that fits, just say so and I'll email it to you or something.

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As a writer who also (tries, but mostly fails) at fanart, I must applaud you on this one. This is so much better than the original. Yellow sky my ass! Ewan is where its at, and Scarlet is way hotter in your version. And I, quote literally, LOLed at Ewan's "enormous talent" quote. Good job!
Thanks! Writers who are also wanna-be fanartists unite! But yes, the yellow sky is just weird, IMHO.
I think I love you.
I love you, too? :o LOL, thank you.
oh my, that is SOOO much better! rock on :D
Thank you! *head begins to inflate from ego*
Wow, the original doesn't even look like him. It looks like a bad clone (maybe its a clone of the clone). Yours rocks and I too love the "enourmous talent" quote.
Thanks! Maybe it's a mutated clone of a clone from some strange galaxy where Ewan is not thought to be sexy?


11 years ago

I never understood why people didn't like the original cover. I thought it was ok and I liked the way looked on it. But yours is truly much better and as much as I disliked the thought of a blue cover In do now love it! Thank you!
Thank you! Maybe I thought of the movie as blue simply because blue is my favorite color and Ewan is my favorite actor and thus the two should combine! You don't think he looks kind of funny, though?


11 years ago

I LOVE it! A billion, trillion times better than the actual cover! I may have to like, print it out and glue it onto my dvd case. And the quote is perfect!!

Thank you! *blushes* If you want to do that, I can send you the full, not compressed version. *shakes fist at photobucket*


11 years ago


11 years ago

a million times better! You win! ;)

He doesnt even look like himself on the original. He looks like a squinty josh hartnett and thats NEVER good. lol

I applaud your work *claps* :)
Thanks! He does kinda look like a squinty Josh Hartnett, but I guess I was too busy shielding my eyes from the yellow glare of the not-prettiness of his face to notice.
Someone who didn't know who he is would be tempted to rent the movie because he looks so good in that new pic. In the original "art"work he looks fiftyish with bad hair plugs (why?? why??). Thanks for redoing it!
LOL, thank you! It did make me scream "why?WHY? to the heavens. And he does look so cute in that picture. A slight cupcake-y wide-eyed innocence, or something. I'm not sure how to describe it.

Deleted comment

Haha! Great idea! I was thinking of doing a DVD chapter insert since it didn't come with one and, as a joke, include the deleted scenes of the Tom/Lincoln action and the alternate ending (the surprise happy Tom/Lincoln ending) that were obviously left out of the extras. XD
wow. this is one is X1000000000 better then the original! You should send it to the company or sumthin!
Thanks! *begins to float off chair due to inflated ego*
Wow... that's cool, but also weird. *g* The DVD covers down here (read: down under) are nothing like the original.

That one is much better than the American one. I was just somehow disappointed when I saw the cover on Amazon before the DVD came out. I guess it is a strange thing to be disappointed about. *shrugs* I'm weird. :)


10 years ago

I love your cover. And that fake quote is hilarious - now that's great marketing. :)

I thought whoever did the real cover just made up that pic of Ewan, but I found what I think is the original pic. Of all the great shots they could have used, they just had to use a not so flattering one. Must be a guy who chose it. ;)

It was in this article in Hotdog magazine.

I think that IS it! And it's not a particularly good picture to start out with and they only made him look worse. He looks jaundiced and clay-faced, or something.

Thank you for the scan from the article, though. I like Ewan's quote about making Tom Scottish. As if we didn't know whose influence was all over Tom Lincoln. ;)
*claps* That is really an awesome cover. And by that, I don't mean it's just "better" than the first one, it really is an amazing work of art :)
Thank you! *blushes* I'm glad you like it! *blushes some more*
Totally cool cover! I was so focused on the movie that I hadn't really looked at the cover, but he does look slightly odd doesn't he? They should've hired you or one of the other really creative folks on here who rock out the photoshop/paintshop etc. I envy y'all your creativity!
Thanks! If I hadn't known it was Ewan and I was glancing at it in the store, I don't think I would have recognized him. But, yes, obviously the creator was not a fan of the prettiness of Ewan.
OMG are you kidding??! I love your cover! It looks awesome--totally vibrant and professional looking, and MUCH better than the real one!!!
Thank you! :D *compeletely floats away due to inflated ego*


11 years ago

Enormous talent indeed !!! ;D

I'm quite happy with the DVD cover we've got here, which has nothing to do with the one you're showing, but I love yours too ! I've always loved that picture of Lincoln and Jordan ;)
Thanks! That looks a lot like the one christn7 posted and it is much nicer than the American one, IMHO.
That's so much better than I could attempt to do! Good job. Also liked yours siriala. =)
Thanks! And, LOL, I love your icon. Coincidence? I think not! X)


11 years ago

That is so much better! I love, good job! I actually woudln't mind having the printable version if it isn't to much trouble. I can be reached at Thank youvery much.
Thank you! I've sent it. Let me know if there are any problems with the attachment or whatnot.
:D Much better!!

I really wonder why DVD covers are often so ugly or just wrong (remember the ROTS cover that is missing Anakin's scar?).
Thank you! I actually hadn't noticed Anakin's lack of a scar. Must've been too busy staring at another Jedi. ;)
LMAO @ the quote at the bottom. It's so true! ;)
Yes, too bad he isn't quite exhibiting his enormous talent in this movie. With a character like Tom Lincoln they had the perfect excuse!
Ooh, much better. Ewan isn't squinting. ^^
Thanks! LOL, squinting and looking half-stoned is more like it!
I dont understand why everyone thinks that first one is ugly, I like it *blush*
I guess it's all a matter of taste. (LOL, see the pornstache debate for reference!) I'm downloading the Nature video from your post. :) I have it on tape, but I'm hardly ever in a place where there's a VCR. So now I can have teh Ewan everywhere I go. ^_^ Thanks for putting it up!
omg that's brilliant! Well done ... may well print yours off and put that around my DVD case *stops and rephrases slightly* may well print your version off and use that one rather than the original *smiles* much better.

LOL, I am soooo lazy about replying! But thanks! I'm happy you like it. : ) If you'd really like the printable version, I could send it to you. I had to shrink it down a bit to make it fit on standard paper.


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11 years ago

HAHAHA this is better then the real one!!
Yours is so much better than the real Cover! I was so shocked when I saw the real one the first time...and I still pretend, that it isn't the real Ewan! ^^
LOL, when I first saw it (in a small picture online) it took me a while to realize that it was Ewan! I was like, "Who the hell did they put on the cover?? Where is Ewan?? What the hell!" But thanks for commenting and I'm glad you like it! :D