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New Island DVD Cover

Since I was astounded at the DVD cover for The Island (How did they manage to make EWAN MCGREGOR unsexy? It's unnatural!), I decided to make my own. I will admit upfront that my art skills are few and lie mostly in being able to stare unblinking at a computer screen for many hours as I edit pixels individually. x_x For the design, I mostly followed the layout of the actual cover, 'cause I couldn't think of anything better. So many shots have a blue background in this movie that it needed to be blue NOT the strange yellow that the real cover is. >.> So, I bring you my attempt at a better cover (I'm a writer, be gentle!). Suggestions for improvement, especially for a better summary on the back, are welcome. If anyone could make me a good scan of the credits etc. at the bottom on the back, I'd appreciate it!

The Ugly Real DVD Cover

And a variation:

Sorry, I couldn't resist the fake quote. XD


OK, so Photobucket is being an ass and shrank my picture down liek whoa, so here are all the parts individually. I also had to compress them into crappy jpegs. The parts are a tad too big to print out, so if anyone wants the whole thing that fits, just say so and I'll email it to you or something.

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